ERIH’s vision, mission and core values are the fundementals of our spirit which help to define the culture of the company, motivating our staff to give their best and instilling in our clients confidence that we will deliver solutions of the very highest quality.

The ERIH way is all about keeping its entrepreneurial spirit alive, and to keep growing with a passion to progress and the power to succeed with a renewed strength of purpose and commitment.

We will multiply our stakeholders’ satisfaction by generating wealth and adding value, embracing an environment-friendly culture and training employees for quality output, growth and innovative contribution.

Our mission is to create strong business identity by providing strategic guidance to our subsidiaries and affiliates for capacity building and growth, while meeting international standards of excellence in all aspects of business operations, processes and ethics.

Our vision is to be committed to innovative growth, through our personal passion, reinforced by a professional mindset, creating value for all those we touch.



We do what we say:

Integrity and trust are vital to ERIH. In our highly decentralised structure, we trust our people to make the right decisions for our business. And we count on the trust of the partners we work with for our ongoing success. We earn their trust by being straight-talking, open and transparent. We deliver on our promises and our actions must match our words.

We act decisively to create value:

ERIH people do what they say, but with an unerring focus on creating value. Commercially astute and unencumbered by bureaucracy, we make decisions quickly, maintaining the momentum that is vital to our success. Our momentum keeps our skills honed, our instincts sharp and creates opportunities for our people. With momentum, we pursue opportunities to create value in its broadest sense – from industry-leading shareholder returns, to essential products for society, to meaningful benefits for communities.

We hold ourselves accountable:

We focus on value and maintaining momentum, but our actions are always guided by a sense of accountability. Our people are empowered to do the right thing and this responsibility goes hand in hand with personal accountability. Each of us is personally accountable to all of our stakeholders for our actions over the long term.

We dare to be different:

An important element of ERIH’s difference is our courage to challenge convention, to find innovative ways to create value and improve every day. It’s not about being rebellious or different for its own sake. It’s about having an entrepreneurial spirit that inspires individuals to act as owners of our business, be inventive and never stand still.

We act with care:

In everything we do, we work with a sense of care. The safety and wellbeing of our people are more important than any production or financial targets. We respect the environment and we work in partnership with our stakeholders to create lasting benefits for the communities and countries in which we live and work.






Teknam has a high emphasis on performance, and we link both career growth and rewards directly to merit and achievement. Right from the entry level we draw career maps for each employee.




The objective of Teknam’s venture philanthropy through myclimate is to raise awareness about climate change and climate protection in Turkey. myclimate demonstrates its commitment through education, advisory services and offsetting greenhouse gas emissions as part of high-calibre climate protection projects.